• 10 One-Hour Private Driving Lessons
  • Road Test Service (in our dual-brake car)
  • Five-Hour Pre-Licensing Class
  • Defensive Driving Class

$746.00 Package Price (bought separately – $923 – Over $175  savings!)

* Package will not expire. 48-hour cancellation policy applies. *

No Experience?

Always dreading the day your teenager brings home their learners permit?  Don’t stress!  We’ll treat your teenager like family and teach them the skills they need to pass their road test and become safe and defensive drivers.   All driving instruction is private, one-on-one and available in forty-five minute, one-hour, ninety-minute and two-hour increments.  All lessons feature door-to-door service in one of our dual-brake controlled vehicles, designed to keep new drivers safe.

Some Experience?

Ready for your road test?  Or does the idea of parallel parking concern you.  Our evaluation lesson is perfect for you. During this one-hour class our instructor will asses your skills and make corrections where necessary so you can pass your road test.  At the end of the evaluation, you’ll receive a written assessment of your driving needs.  This includes: parallel parking, three-point turns, lane changing, steering control, stopping positions, right-of-way, etc.

A lot of experience?

Did you lose your license?  Need to retake your road test?  Don’t fail your road test because you have bad habits!  Take a lesson with AA All County Driving School and we’ll evaluate your driving skills and show you what the DMV is looking for.


45 minute lesson:  $60.00

1 hour lesson: $69.00

90 minute lesson: $103.00

Special needs Evaluation: $140.00

(Includes all senior-driver evaluation)

Road Test Service with one-hour lesson: $180.00

Road Test Service our dual-brake car, no lesson: $135.00

* HOLIDAY GIFT CERTIFICATE AVAILABLE! FREE Defensive Driving Course with $100 Gift Certificate! *

Package Discounts

Five 45-minute lessons: $275.00

Five one-hour lessons: $320.00

Five 90-minute lessons: $490.00